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I troll at the speed that best allows the lures to swim. When these lures surface, skip along and tumble head over heels you are going too fast, and this is called a blowout not to be confused with a lure dancing. This happens when the rod is loaded up and the lure comes out of the water and sling shots across the top of the surface. If this happens you have to check the rig.

Sometimes you can overcome this by adjusting the distance between the transom and the lure either shorter or further from the boat in the middle of the wakes. Dancing lures come up for air and go right back down. Generally a skirted lure will have a swim cycle where the lure come to the surface, splashes, takes a breath of air, dives, leaves a smoke trail and then re-surfaces to start the cycle over again; this swim cycle is when they are working best. Putting lures together that can swim effectively is part of the challenge. Sometimes with Blue Fin a change in speed is exactly what you need to trigger a strike, just a couple of hundred revs more to get the lures working a bit franticly is all that is needed.

With Blue Fin in particular, I have found faster is generally better. Here are some helpful tips on catching Blue Fin Tuna. It takes a trained eye to spot the sometimes subtle hints that these fish leave in their wake as they prowl the canyons and ledges, terrorizing bait fish. Birds can be a great indication that bait fish are present and if the bait is there, then chances are good the Blue Fin are as well. Trolling lures is the most common form of game fishing for tuna here in Southern California.

Wicked Tuna: North Vs South

Hopefully we can help you catch more Blue Fin tuna this season, more often, and save some of the endless miles of trolling seemingly fishless water. About Blue Fin Tuna. Blue Fin can be found off the coast of California from May through November. Blue Fin Tuna can reach weights of up to 2, pounds. Find out as much as possible of where the fish are BEFORE you go, it helps out by also saving you a lot of time and fuel.

With social media pages like FishDope. Watch the landing reports, what boats are hitting and what boats are missing.

Anchor Away

Then looking on a good topo map you should be able to locate a close area where the bite is on. Local tackle stores will do their best to put you on the fish. They will even give you GPS locations of the last known schools if you ask. Tell them why you are buying something and often they will just start talking but sometimes you do have to ask. Knowing what depth the fish are schooling at can be great information. If not you will need to learn how to read the birds and other signs. One of the best indications is the birds.

They have the advantage of height and with their view point they can see the feeding Blue Fin in no time.

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Flocks of birds seen circling and diving are a sure indication that something is happening and this should never be ignored. I like to watch them closely to see how much of an area they are covering. If they are continuously going back over the same area without diving, they just keep going back and forth; they might have found bait that is too deep or they are following tuna that have not found the bait yet.

I always drag my spread through them. Most of the time, I do not get anything but I am watching the sounder looking for marks. If nothing happens on the troll, I will stop on marks and yoyo. Birds that are concentrating on each other, sitting on the water or covering too big an area have never produced a strike for me. But I have stopped and shut the boat completely down and put out some bait rigs and the kite, this has worked many times on Blue Fin. Bait on the surface is an obvious and important thing to look for. Something that I have found common with Blue Fin and not so much with other tuna is jumping wildly feeding.

Blue Fin are shy at times and the more boat traffic there is the more timid they are. Get way in front of them and shut down the boat and get your bait out, some on fly line, and some with slip sinkers. This method is highly successful. If you come across paddies or the tuna pins, Blue Fin like to roam sometimes a mile or two off of them.

Soak a bait, cut some chum, enjoy the day and drift, I have caught many this way.

Fish on the Run

The radio while tuna fishing can be your best friend. Let the other captains in on the fun, those guys you put on a hot bite will remember you and return the favor someday. Make sure you use your handle; this is how you make fishing buddies on the water. Over a little time you will earn respect from the guys that are on the water all the time.

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    Wicked tuna double hook up

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    Fish on the Run

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    Two Bites for the Pin Wheel - Wicked Tuna: Outer Banks

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