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I think my dream man would be a music-loving teacher with a beard, aged who is not allergic to cats or teenagers. Has anyone tried any of the teacher dating websites? Sorry if this post appears flippant in light of recent events but I'm starting to think life is too short to keep putting things off.

Secret Teacher: Online dating is like taking an exam

I've not tried a teacher dating site, but have tried other dating sites. Generally I found that you don't need to pay. Sure, you might meet someone on a paid site, but in every case I've heard about, both the people were on a free site as well. Don't dismiss people too easily, but at the same time, don't take it too seriously too soon. Conversation via message or text can be stilted and it's easy to misinterpret the tone. Be clear about your non-negotiables Remember that Mr Perfect doesn't exist.

Teacher dating: sites like ours are made for you!

You're looking for Mr Goodenough Remember also that Mr Goodenough doesn't look like you expect him to look, and may not be where you expect him to be. I think that's all for now! Keep us posted on your search. I met my OH through an agency. We've been married for 28 years!!

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Dragonlady30 , Jun 4, Sillow , peggylu , sabrinakat and 4 others like this. Thanks for all your advice Lilaclady. I promise to not expect all the men to look like Dev Patel and be realistic. I hadn't thought of my non-negotiables but will consider these during my insomniac hours tonight! Thank you too emerald52 , i will do! Someone else discovered your profile, recognized you, and then told another person who isn't using the app and whose opinion causes you embarrassment. Since there isn't anything wrong with a human being wanting to socialize, and this scenario is fairly unlikely anyway, I wouldn't be overly worried about it.

You can counter this by keeping the profile content appropriate to minimize any possible embarrassment. Because you will be teaching at a small liberal arts college, which might have some parochial views, it is a good idea for you to delay your entry to online dating sites until you understand the culture of your new department, the college as a whole, and the town in which you are located. Once you understand your cultural and physical surroundings, you might decide not to use dating sites for awhile or, conversely, you may feel that using such sites are perfectly acceptable.

How difficult is the foreign teacher dating game?

Whatever you decide, it would be ultimately fatal for you to date students from your institution or any other local school. For any instructor, students-as-dating prospects must remain terra incognita. Please be aware of your role in your locale as a Professor. But at the same time this should not prevent you from being involved socially. Being social makes for a good professor in general because you will be empathetic to your students. Let the social aspect of your life lead you to a potential dating partner.

If you use dating apps that just asking for trouble anyway. Social life is natural and it takes time to bond with people. I don't think it would be good to use dating websites, but I believe that as long as you are not currently in a position of authority over say a former student or if there is no chance that you will be in a position of authority in the future, then I feel as if it would be okay to date them that is if you meet someone and you know you're not in a position of authority over them, it would not be breaking any rules.

Secret Teacher: I'm my school's go-to gay guy

There is no general custom of sexual policing of employees by universities - so long as you do not cross legal boundaries or rules on harassment, your dating life is your own business, as is the electronic means by which you facilitate this. As others have pointed out, the only exception, where otherwise innocent dating or sexual behaviour might violate a university requirement, would be if you have a relationship with a student, especially one you are teaching or supervising though not necessarily limited to this.

This is a subject that your university probably has a specific policy and guidelines on. Since you are obviously well-aware of this danger and if anything, you are overstating the scope of this limitation , you will be fine. By clicking "Post Your Answer", you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of service , privacy policy and cookie policy , and that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies.

Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. Should a young professor avoid using dating apps? Since it might matter, I am a year-old male, and my new city is home to about , people. Coder 6, 5 26 MathAnon MathAnon 2 3 5. Comments are not for extended discussion; this conversation has been moved to chat. The more important question is probably what kind of information you're sharing or how you're presenting yourself on the dating app. I can certainly think of a few less-than-appropriate things that could very well affect your career if traced back to you , much like social media can.

Pretty sure I'm located in the city you're in. I don't think anyone will have a problem. Maybe try to avoid undergrads if you feel there'll be an issue, but considering that there's a lack of men here if you're where I think you are , age-disparate and education disparate relationships aren't really viewed poorly. Would the Question or Answers be different for old professors? I junior professor got to know my wife through a dating app Just for the record Dan Romik Dan Romik 84k 21 DanRomik While you or in large part society might not have a problem with the OP dating students, different institutions have very different rules regarding this.

This year my university recently passed a recent blanket rule barring any such fraternization.

I don't know where PVAL is located. I do know that professors dating students is a big no no in Taiwan. I don't know if there is law prohibiting it. But, everybody, professors and students, would think you're a bad professor.

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Generally speaking, professors earn very high respect here and also expected to have a very high moral standard. You can argue that dating a student is not a crime. And if today you are not a manager, well, you could become one in the future couldn't you? So, basically if we worried too much about this sort of thing, no two people should ever be allowed to date. I know what you're saying. The issue is the professors enjoy high respect, but bound by more moral rules.

At least in my location. An elected official had endured a lot scolding and curses just because he and his assistant were caught going into a motel recently. Other than agreeing with DanRomik , I'll add that I do not believe what you take as an assumption: EllenSpertus can you name even one college in the US with such an explicit rule? It still wouldn't support your "many colleges" claim, but it would be something at least.

I am having a really hard time believing this, for reasons that I just explained in my updated answer. And what are "implicit rules"? It's the suggestion that an LEA or school might have an 'issue' with something perfectly respectable and unconnected with your professional life. Maybe if you went on a swingers' site it could cause embarrassment if you bumped into the chair of govs and their spouse I think it's ridiculous to think that an LEA or individual school has any business at all in dictating what someone should and shouldn't do in their personal life providing it is lawful, of course.

Sure, it imght be embarrassing to find out that someone you've met online is actually the parent of a child you teach, or your deputy head! But there's nothing wrong with it, beyond a little embarrassment. Even in the example of the teacher who met the married parent via a dating site - not THEIR fault he had lied. Whilst I can imagine his wife would be extremely upset and angry to find out, it's no the school's business at all. As long as the date site is legitimate then I don't see a problem. The only slight concern is that you have to be 18 to be register, which theoretically does not rule out sixth formers registering and finding you on it!

I have had no issues with online dating and I do not see why being a teacher should stop you from taking part in such activities as long as nothing compromising is written on your profile, surely whoever come across it shouldn't have a problem. It is difficult enough finding a partner as a teacher not only with the work hours and commitments but also it is a fact that most people find partners in the workplace and of course, we are pretty limited in choice.

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I met my partner online 18months ago and we are still going strong. He will be in the Nation Fireman's calender so keep an eye out!! All proceeds go to charity Being a young teacher I am probably more cautious than most but I do not feel that my personal life should be compromised because of my job. Teaching takes over enough of your life without having no-one the to come home to and moan to about your day.