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Hopefully they make it better because I'm losing faith and interest already. Thank you for your interest in this question. Because it has attracted low-quality or spam answers that had to be removed, posting an answer now requires 10 reputation on this site the association bonus does not count.

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Elder Scrolls Looking for Group

Does Group Finder work? A couple key notes - I only chose one role damage because that's what I am.

RenaissanceProgrammer RenaissanceProgrammer 2, 2 9 While I haven't played the PS4 version since release, it should be working. Overall the group finder has a few problems though: People like to pretend it's still broken such an easy topic to pick on. People want to find groups instantly - which is understandable - but someone has to do the first step. If everyone cancels after 30 seconds or so, there'll never be enough in the queue.

This is unfortunately often the case I think. They want to run dungeon X but only with people who've got ability y or have completed it and have achievement Z. Well I'd have to say it's hit or miss.

Returning player - Dungeon finder is fixed? :: The Elder Scrolls Online English

My healer and my tank get in quite quickly the great majority of the time. Have an alternate set up for my high elf sorc so she can do dungeon runs as a tank in addition to my redguard dk.

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  • How Does The Group Finder Work » ESO Academy.
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Just a couple nights ago queued for dungeon with sorc with just dps checked, gave up eventually as I did not get in before getting glitch kicked after playing for a good bit not uncommon for a Saturday night in my experience and I ended up finding some decent grinding partners in Craglorn anyway. Generally though I can get plenty of dungeon time in with my healers and tanks. Currently selling my home which is digging into playtime, but I check in almost daily if you wanna add me. DagmirNesmanthium In any case, good luck and have fun!

Have PvE matchmaking ever been discussed?

Originally posted by mrfman No it is not fixed. I waited over two hours the other day. Thats a shame the match making sucks, I'll just add a thread to add my psn on this and a couple other places to see if anyone wants to friend up. Your best off joining a guild and asking for help. Or wait outside the dungeon Its a terrible tool that needs to be worked on.

ESO Veteran Dungeon - Spindleclutch (Gameplay)

I've had problems every time I've used it and its hard to find a halfway decent guild. The finder on the game is kinda Alright but the biggest problem I have is when u get a group noone wants to talk other then you and when u ask What one they want one or two ends up leaving. More topics from this board Why does each person need to progress a shared quest???

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