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Aussie on the brutal reality of being an expat in London

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    Register now for your Moving to London Kickstart package. Nowadays though, it is Clapham in South London where the largest population of Aussie expats is to be found. Balham , Streatham and Tooting also being good local options.

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    You can start searching for accommodation or people to share with, before you even leave Australia by visiting online flatshare sites. Find out more information on getting a job in London on our Working in London page. How to transfer money from Australia. Banks are not the only option for Foreign exchange and international transfers. Unfortunately this healthy lifestyle is balanced out by the excessive amount of beer I find myself drinking, which brings me to my next point ….

    Your local pub will have at least 10 beers on tap — everything from lagers to ales to stout or Guinness. And the beer is served in pint glasses. And even the chicks down a couple after work.

    Australians Moving To London

    Overseas experience always looks fancy in the eyes of a potential employer. Feel like seeing a gig on a Tuesday? Brixton, Camden, Soho and Shoreditch are full of venues with everything from jazz to reggae and metal all week long! Want to grab a late night feed on a whim at 10pm?

    Everywhere is still open! Most trains still run a full service until midnight, and buses go well into the morning.