It's still not my worst premium tank, though - Grosstraktor sends regards.

Preferential Matchmaking Chart for Premium Vehicles

That one might be a lot of fun. I do like the fast reload though, but that in itself can get me into trouble, as I can't resist the temptation to try to beat an opponents reload, instead of taking cover - my biggest fault, I'm afraid! Churchill III still a darn good tank doesn't meet anything above tier 6 well at the moment and its well capable of shredding a tank very quickly.

You think the E25 has an insane rate of fire I have the E25 up to 24 with a 5 skill crew the Churchill III is over 31 with a 2 skill crew. It can be a pain if you run into O1s or Other Churchill's you just have to be careful around them. Usually people on youtube just pick up what's already discussed at length here. I don't know why people try ride to hyperbole so hard.

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Even the initial newspost continually refers to problems with Tier 8 tanks and matchmaking,. The cost of changing and rebalancing PMM tanks outside tier 8 is really high in order to fix for a problem that does not exist. Even if they proceeded with the tier 8 changes which I kinda hope they do, I'd like to trade IS6 and FCM 50t for something playable , going beyond that would be madness in financial sense - which is certainly an angle WG cares about.

Community Forum Software by IP. Search Advanced Search section: Please log in to reply. Venom 1 Posted 05 July - I keep hearing stories and rumours of tanks with preferential matchmaking are going to lose this trait soon. I have people talk about this over the YT on numerous occasions. Since I am planing to buy Churchill 3 I am scared a bit by this news. Can someone confirm or disprove this news? Is WG really going to remove preferential matchmaking and remove this trait from the existing tanks like the Churchill 3?

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I dont want to buy the tank and have it remove the traits that were promised to me. Bordhaw 3 Posted 05 July - IRSanchez 5 Posted 05 July - WG beeing quiet is not a sign things are not happening. Personally I think they will go for it anyways, they just are figuring out how to "sell" this to the playerbase. Gremlin 7 Posted 05 July - Maybe it would not be as good At tier 5 meeting tier 6 the armour holds up but against tier 7 it would be like the Churchill 1 and that's not so good 88mm of flat armour starts to be a problem.

Defending the weak even if you risk getting hurt is about the most noble thing one can do. Does any one have is 6 fearless. Asiaticus 47 Posted 26 July - RageNuke 48 Posted 04 August - Now you can count in the T14 now. I'm back in action!

Churchill III losing its preferential match making

Tier tens in my Lowe. If any tank needs preferred mm its this one. Alo8ight 50 Posted 04 August - Very helpful for my next premium tank. Proud noob that kills other noobs. RageNuke 52 Posted 05 August - RageNuke 54 Posted 09 August - RageNuke 55 Posted 09 August - I do not have one, and from what I found talked about on the forums, it did. Can you confirm that it does not? If so, I will take it off the list.

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World of Tanks CZ Churchill III (recenze #177)

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