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Posted by totustuus on April 27, at Ivyandroses you are so right! No Catholic worships Mary, worship is reserved for God alone.

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We honor her as our mother, Christ gave her to us to be our mother as He died on the cross. Posted by cjgoatgirl on April 2, at I had tried helping him learn about the Church of Christ but eventually he decided to stay Baptist with his parents. He is now dating a Baptist girl. Posted by murphylauren15 on March 28, at Actually, one person does not have to sacrifice their faith for the other. My dad is Catholic, and my mom is Protestant. Our family has always alternated churches every Sunday.

One Sunday we go to a Catholic church, and then the next Sunday we go to a Protestant church.

Pentecostal dating a catholic.? | Yahoo Answers

The Catholic church makes it clear that if two people are going to be married, they need to agree to bring up their children Catholic. That means catechizing them, taking them to mass every Sunday and HDO, providing them with all the catholic sacraments, and doing their best to set them forward on a path to Catholic living. In the end, he left the Church altogether. God clearly addresses that Christians or those who are saved should not date or marry outside of their face. Demonic strongholds exist and can only be broken through Jesus Christ.

So if your not saved how do you expect to break them? Posted by iceKate on March 28, at I have a question. How can I witness to those who are older than me? But, at the same time, I want them to be saved, because I love them and want to see them in heaven. How can I talk about Jesus with older relatives? Posted by blackbelt on July 10, at Posted by Jester on March 28, at If you really like me, why let something like go d come between us?

Posted by girl4godR on March 27, at If you feel his religion will pull you away from God then maybe take a step back and reevaluate. Posted by vsmith21 on March 27, at Posted by Mara Jade on March 28, at Posted by Anika S on March 27, at My boyfriend is Catholic; I am Presbyterian.

We have been together for nearly three years, are now in college together and are both devout Christians. Being different denominations has helped us to learn compromise and how to communicate better. Compromise because right now, I attend Mass with him and he attend church with me. Best advice I could give you; pray, pray, pray before you start the relationship so that you know if this is the best path for you and him. And finally, if you do start a relationship together and if at all possible, find a married couple who have been together a long time and who came from separate denominations.

They could be mentors and help you through problems. For us, our mentors were our parents. My dad is Mormon but my mom is Presbyterian. His dad is Baptist and his mom is Catholic. Having them to be a help and guidance has been a huge blessing!! At the end of the day, any relationship is going to involve some compromise. But compromise is worth it if it means you found the one God wants you to be with. Login first Don't have an account? Register in under one minute and get your own agony aunt column - recommended!

ORG - we actively monitor for copyright theft. Sitemap He's catholic and I'm pentecostal , I'm in love but scared! I'm 22 - never dated before. For the first time really, I'm meeting a guy who has what I'm looking for but problem: I'm a staunch christian so growing up, i taught lots a thingss.

“I’m Baptist, He’s Catholic…Should I Take It Further?”

He bets just for fun of it, ofcourse u know christianity frowns against it. He drinks moderately though,I know for a fact dt he cn hold his alcohol well. I dont have a problem with catholics but I'm thinkn long term becos if I decide to marry him, there ll be war.

I'm beginning to wonder if denomination matters, I'm loving this guy everyday. For those of us that understand christian denominational issues, you know what I mean, he's staunch catholic too. Truth is he's better than most highly professed christians. Dunno what to do.

But suddenly I'm loving him like neva. I want a relationship with guy but I value our friendship too much to mess it up with romance. What if, just what if this doesn't work cos of differences? First off, I will copy what I said to the poster in this link: Your situation is not unique. Many people of different belief systems live long happy lives together. My own mother-in-law was raised in an extreme Southern Baptist setting.

You'd better look at the roots, messages and morality of your religion than at the exact way they want to express themselves. It's what's in your hear that's important Eddy Tells: A man is walking across a bridge, when he sees another guy about to jump off. I lost my job, I'm bankrupt, my wife left me and took the kids, my car threw a rod, and my dog just died.

My life totally sucks. Are you ready and willing to convert cos if ur not, where do the kids go to on sundays? Seems like i bit some bad bone in ya. Y mi should stick with what she knows.

10 Things Christians Should Know about the Pentecostal Church

And religion does matter. So it didnt matter to you doesnt mean it wont matter in her marriage. Christainity is a way of life, it aint just what you believe in. Its you, everything about you. We are supposed to transfer what ethics and religious belief we have to our kids or dont you think? Are you prepared to have your kids having names like St angelo and St whatever? Do you want to have Mother Mary angel status in your house and pray to it in repitition of some bla bla bla You better think Gurl.

Pentecostal dating a catholic.?

You may to hang that chain on your neck or wear 'em crucifix rings like thats what makes them righteous. Can you guys have a discussion about both religions and not end up arguing or quarreling Catholics say pentecostal are fanatic but now who really is the fanatic As little and insignificant as it may seem, it does matter. That guy shd have waited for a once again, Pentecostal till i die. Eddy Tells it as it is I hear you tupacpacshkurumakuruwawawa.

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I do not define myself by my being not religious. There's more to myself than my belief system. If you define yourself only by the group you belong to, I feel sorry for you. That's tribal to the extreme And to speak from personal experience: We are supposed to transfer what ethics and religious belief we have to our kids or don't you think? I find this forcing any kind of religion on young children a form of child abuse, their minds are not ready to deal with these issues.