He just didn’t want to be in a relationship with you.

What to do when the person you're dating doesn't want to label the relationship

Look at it this way, what do you have to GAIN by saying you want her to be your gf? Originally Posted by Rkaz. Originally Posted by jcook Cut her off and she will come running back if she is screwing with you. Just be a man about it and go about your business. Originally Posted by ActuallyLifts.

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Or like I said maybe shes just making that excuse because shes over me.. This is the whole problem brah. I never said I wanted her to be my gf, after the first date she said she wanted to take things slow and I said I did too. She basically said she doesn't want to keep me 'hanging' for something that might not happen, even though I never said I wanted that.. I don't think it's that. From my experience, it's just their way of bluffing. She's trying to gauge how much you're interested in her or whether you'll "fight" for her.

What To Do When She Says She Doesn't Want A Relationship

So you think I should just agree with her, instead of just telling her I never said I wanted a relationship? Its a good experience either way, but I really think that stopping communication with her for a little while week will help her put things into perspective. If you really told her: Anyways, all of that is besides the point.

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If you want a relationship, but she doesn't, why would you even continue talking to her? Do you think you're gonna change her mind somehow? She'll just string you along, all the while enjoying the free dinners, until she finds someone better. This is going to sound stupid as fck, but I just feel like if I don't talk to her for a week she will be like meh, he's over me, I'm going to get over him too.

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Yeah I did say Yes , but only cause I was put on the spot and didn't want to give the wrong impression by saying no. You're right and I wouldn't try to change her mind. I was just happy how things were, but she things if things stay this way she will 'hurt me' because I'm hanging around expecting something more to come out of it, which I'm not.. You know, that could very well be true. But based on your OP you just kissed etc last night, and today she is doing the "I dont want to get too close" thing.

Dated a chick like this, she wanted space, I have it to her. She came back about a month later- pheltgudmen. Dude if you didn't want a relationship why did you say yes? Be honest with this bro- if you were you wouldnt be in this predicament. I agree, she probably does need some space but I think she does have some legit feelings for me. So the thing is, I'm not going to make contact with her, but if she tries to contact me to talk about the situation, do I talk to her about it? Or just ignore and call her back in a week to talk about it? She has feelings for you or else she wouldn't have spent the time with you that she did.

She is probably insecure as well so wait for her to contact and go about your business. If she calls, etc. OK brah im kinda in the similar situation as you. This girl im dating for a few months said to me that she doesn't want a relationship right now bla bla.

Why Won't She Call You "Boyfriend"?

My advice is to hold off texting her for maximum 2 days, If she doesn't text back on the 2nd day hit her up on the 3rd day. From what I see she defo has feelings for you so no need to worry. Mixed race crew Male nurse crew. Bro, I was in the same position with a girl, almost exactly.

What girls don't want in dating and relationships?

Its a game, stop talking to her. If she wants you, she will come around. Currently I'm on week 2 of no contact. Bro, I was in a similar situation. We went out and talked, kissed and acted like a couple all the time. People move at different speeds. Maybe she just wants to see if your cunnilingus technique evolves.

3. He’s not settled geographically.

This is a win. By the way, one thing you should keep in mind, generally, is that a lot of women are cautious about dudes, because a lot of dudes suck. Not all men, of course, as the hashtag goes, but we all know that there are a considerable number of young douchebags on the dating market. Any significantly attractive woman will have dated about a half-dozen morons. Many have dealt with sexual predators. On the other hand? Have you met any of her friends yet? If not, you have cause to be worried.

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Like me, when I was younger, and dating Jessica. Boy, was she great.

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A real free spirit type. Like one of those girls from an old French movie, whose life seemingly consisted of bicycling around, smoking cigarettes, making love, and spouting wistful poetry. For some reason, I was convinced by this pretentious garbage. And I was even convinced of it when she started seeing other people, with whom she had similarly unlabeled relationships.

My level of self-deception was such that I thought that she would eventually come around to me, and me alone. Well, it turned out that she did believe in labels.