Dreaming about an ex is actually really common — and it might not mean what you think. For a lot of people, getting over an old relationship is difficult, simply because it comes with the fear of being hurt the same way again — especially if your breakup was particularly brutal. That might have something to do with your ex guest starring in your dreams. According to Exemplore, the dream might even be your way of realizing a new relationship is going down the same path.

As you can probably tell by now, exes appearing in dreams can symbolize all kinds of things. According to Dreamstop, it might represent the fact that you need to make peace with your ex. Your ex may be associated with Carl Jung's concept of the anima for men or animus for women. Jung theorized that we fragment our personalities only to have to re-integrate all that we have repressed or dissociated from back into our identity in order to feel complete and whole. Creating another character in our dreams allows us to disown our own thoughts, feelings, and desires in a clever way while still giving them room for expression.

For example, a woman may identify traits of aggression, assertiveness, and lust as socially inappropriate or undesirable for women so she may dream of an animus with these traits instead. A man may identify more feminine traits such as expressing emotion, crying, fear, and feeling vulnerable and weak as undesirable and may dream of his anima possessing these traits. This dream interpretation would mean that your ex is not representing your ex at all but is only an aspect of your own psyche which is currently unexpressed and cast away—you have broken up with yourself.

Interpreting this type of dream as a sign that you should re-connect with your ex will not only leave this issue unresolved but will also complicate the issue further. This dream is giving you the message that you need to strengthen the relationship you have with yourself; don't distract yourself by misplacing your energy into external relationships at the moment. To comment on this article, you must sign in or sign up and post using a HubPages Network account.

Dreaming about your ex? A psychiatrist tells what it means!

Dreams can have many meanings and only you know the true meaning. The dream could reflect how you believe your ex feels yet could also reflect what you WISH his feelings to be it reflect your current feelings for him. The storm in the dream would symbolize an emotional storm for me.

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Since it keeps you there, I would wonder if you feel stuck or trapped. The looming tornado may relate to your fears that the emotional situation had the potential to destroy you. I feel as if my dream of an ex is showing me how he feels about me at present towards me I don't know though. The dream I had frightened me as I never think of him or bother to. In the dream I go into a restaurant and he and a friend of his are there and say that I'm still good looking to each other and I hear them and feel humiliated that they're commenting about me.

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Then he tries to go over to talk to me and I try to run away while he pleads that he just wants to talk to me. I'm forced to stay at the restaurant though because a freak storm happens. He and I end up sitting next to each other waiting out a tornado. We do not speak, except that he glanced at me a few times. Thank you for sharing your dream experience. I find dreams about exes to relate to the feelings we feel are inappropriate. In our waking lives, we may rationalize how this person is not good for us in some way and may decide to break up even though this may be painful.

In our dreams, we continue to express the irrational feelings we have and allow ourselves to work through them in order to find a way to move on. I often dream about him I know I had to move on, but there are times that I wish I could be with him. Thank you for commenting.

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Dreams of an ex aren't always a big deal for people. Although they can reflect some heavy emotions we have for our ex or the break up, the ex can also symbolize something specific to us such as the time period we were with them or something we have detached from or left in our past. I find it interesting to learn of new meanings this symbol has for people. I think that it's hard not to think about an ex. I think that just because it's something I dream about it's not a big deal. Thank you for sharing your experience.

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I find dreamwork so powerful when we look at our dreams over time, across changes. Dreams can truly be an indicator light showing us what is wrong or telling us how we are doing. From my perspective, I believe you not only worked on yourself and your relationships on a conscious level but also worked through unconscious issues within your dreams.

The break up was so abrupt and the cut off of all communication that followed left me so confused.

1. Seeing your ex in a dream

It was years later, when we finally spoke, that the questions were finally answered and closure attained. Now the dreams are more few and far between and I suspect merely reflect that I hope the other is ok. My current relationship is so much healthier thanks to better decisions. Thanks for writing and encouraging people to seek out answers. Storms are often associated with emotional turmoil. In this case, it seems like the emotional storm is from her or associated with her. I would guess you anticipate being with her would result in more of the same.

What does strike me is how you are saying she just won't let it go. How does this factor into your decisions? She can be stuck on something, but how is this affecting you? I am wondering if you need to evaluate your own feelings, your own thoughts right now and determine what is best for you.

Being swayed by someone who we find unhealthy for us simply because they are persistent seems rather harmful and it also shows us we may not be as empowered or active in our lives as we need to be. Relationships are your decision.

My first impression of your dream is that you are hoping your ex has feelings for you and you wish he would come back to you. The idea that he is wearing this ring sounds like you wish he has a secret commitment to you. Although I cannot speak of what is meant to be, you seem like you are hoping you two are meant to be together and that the universe is somehow bringing you two together. Since his proposal to someone else is in contrast to this belief, you may be experiencing some feelings of pain and rejection all over again.

This dream about your ex sounds like it is relating some unconscious suspicions and thoughts. This may be why you struggled to understand your dream. Since you are talking to your ex, this dream sounds like it is reflecting your question of how honest your ex is actually being with you. It could also reflect your current feelings and current fears. This dream may be reflecting the hurt and confusion you feel as you process the break up and begin to move on.

The pregnancy for the ex would likely be a growth and development of a relationship with someone else.

Why Am I Dreaming About My Ex?

Although he is telling you he wants to take things slow and isn't sure about being in love, you may be questioning the sincerity of his statements. You may also be processing your own feelings of hurt associated with the relatioinship. I had a dream last night that I was at my parents home with my children and nieces.

We were sitting and talking they are both supposed to be getting married soon however in the dream the friend was wearing a wedding band I asked him was he married already and he said yes and moved to the other side of the room. He kept looking at my former lover and I though. I walked out to check the children I could see my parents in the kitchen and then I sat on some stairs and my former boyfriend was sitting beside me. He was rubbing my back and asking me if I was ok because I started to cry. I asked why he left me and never married the other girl.