I'd still say that you cannot identify them on day one unless you feel no attraction to them and keep observing them while you keep your cool. The problem is, I'm quite sure that certain kind of people get attracted to and stay with abusers I'm one of those who chose to stay.

I literally had to re-live my past to be able to see that the existence of such people has never been my fault or I got abused because I deserved it. The entanglement with the narcissist made me live the exact same feelings and trauma in my adult body. Finally, I started waking up and it taught me and helped me realize I did not create him or anyone from my past and the way he was wasn't because of me.

I'm still healing and working on myself. Sounds dramatic but people who lived an isolated life under the same roof with an abuser will know exactly what I'm taking about. Good luck and try to stay tuned to your internal compass, that off feeling is something! I forgot adding something that had been the most crazy making experience during my involvement with him.

It is something that I have not been able to find in any books either. I would not believe in a word they say or the stories they tell. Here is what happened to me over and over. I would say something to him, something that really matters to me.

Let this thing be a personal taste or a personal experience. A simple, not emotionally charged example; I would have to explain him over and over again why I would like to buy white cushions and how nice they would look etc. However, I would get exhausted and give up on buying any darn pillows.

A friend or a neighbor would show up and he would cheerfully tell them how he would like to buy white pillows, how he always loved the color etc. By the way, this is a real experience: But imagine this happening over things that really mattered to you, like your emotions that you wanted to share or an incident with him that left you hurt.

You were feeling non-existent, unimportant, humiliated and you did naively confront him. You told them how much they hurt you and before you knew it, it became their experience and you found yourself apologizing while drooling cause your brain has been dead by then.

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  • 1. He always expresses himself in the superlatives and hyperboles.;

It is simply creepy, catches you off guard until you realize what is going on and you feel like you have literally lost your mind. First date is hard. They are skilled chameleons and can hide everything, even a narc can hide all the red flags at the beginning, especially a covert one.

If you see the red flags you are fine, leaveā€¦But in case of complete lack of them I will suggest an overall picture to be mindful of. The coverts are true snakes and can hide well. A good friend of mine had gone out on a movie date with a guy X who'd been pursuing her for a long time, so on their first date if at all it was a date he turns to her side and starts staring at her, instead of watching the movie and then takes some nachos and wants to feed her with his own hand, disgusted she stops him. The movie gets over, they go out, she decides to head home as it was late and the guy was not exactly a gentleman, X starts insisting for coffee, it's 10 pm, she says she's getting late, but he wants to get coffee, almost obsessively.

She says n o. They move to the metro station, and both had to go in opposite directions, but he insists on accompanying her to her station, she reluctantly agrees, all along the ride X decides to pour out every single detail of his alleged grief stricken personal life - something that you'd never discuss on a first date.

When she finally gets down, he catches hold of her hand, like a kid would grab his mother's arm unwilling to go to school. And X starts pleading her to stay, he's not ready to let go of her. She somehow leaves, only to be bombarded with multiple missed calls, recorded romantic songs, and inappropriate messages conveying that he cannot have a relationship with her, if she's ever been with another man.

She never replied to any of these messages, and then all of a sudden, he stopped. A few months ago I met this guy Y not on a date a successful guy who's worked with a top investment bank, and had lived in London and was moving to New York for higher studies. Now what he has already achieved in life was commendable and one can brag about it every once in a while.

Food is Medicine

So he did, and I showed my appreciative gesture for the first couple of times. But then he got so much into himself, almost making me uncomfortable, he just wouldn't stop showing off his knowledge about Breaking Bad and Suits, and world tours, and how he's partied with the richest bosses at his firm in London, hung out with the best people, has the prettiest girlfriend and the huge holiday home in Muscat, Not all of which was true.

We then had to travel together in a group later, and I got to know him better, and I was sure this person was a narcissist, not only because he was full of himself. I realized he lacked empathy. By the way he treated the waiters, or even the other group members who he unreasonably considered below him. He had a grandiose sense of self importance considered himself a real life Harvey Specter.

If those weren't enough, he had a delusional fantasy world that supported his self indulgence.

Real Talk Kim - Red Flags. Are You Dating A Psychopath?

Spotting a psychopath or a narcissist isn't intuitional, it is a learned skill, only when you have an insight on narcissism or sociopathy, can you spot a person with such disorders. And having said that, I wish people were more aware of such mental health issues because they can prove to be extremely dangerous and can land you in situations, that are difficult to get out of. Be on a look out, stay safe and do whatever you can to get help for yourself, and for anyone who you know is suffering from any mental health issues.

That is hard one simply because they put on a great fascade, especially when you first meet them. I would give a couple of suggestions. First research the behaviors, familiarize yourself with exactly what you could be dealing with. Psychopaths and Sociopaths are masterful at the art of deception so much so that many psychologists have personally told me they have a hard time deciphering them.

They are A1 predators when they take interest in you. Narcissists are too but they tend to give themselves away more. I would suggest trusting your gut instict, if something tells you inside that something is off than it more than likely is right. Each one of them is different and different in how they play the game but some red flags might be;.

Talking Bad About exs. They love to convince you that their exs are all psychos. Having too much in common with you. There are instances you will have a lot in common with people but I found this to be the name of the game with them. At the time I did not see that red flag but on the first date my ex path asked a lot of questions and oddly enough he had the same exact favorite cereal and liked the same exact this and that as me. This is one of the ways they can love bomb you if they want because you feel so cozy warm you have so much in common. If they start texting you and calling a lot early on beware!

It might seem alluring that someone is that interested in you but this is just one of the many games they play when they are on the hunt. These are just a few things I remember early on but also be cautious if they seem too charming or too cocky. Pay attention to their eye contact, they love to stare you down without looking away because they are studying you.

Watch how they interact with others. Also most normal people are nervous on first date but not them so if they seem way too cool, calm and collect it might be because they do not feel anxiety at all which is the way they are. Most of all listen to your gut as I said earlier.

10 Signs You're Dating A Psychopath - mindbodygreen

Our instincts can tell us that something is not right and many times we push that away and ignore red flags. Less is more with this one I think. The birthday question is always a big one to me. I use this with prospective friends as well as seeing the common theme amongst narcissists I have known. I swear, each and every one of them admits that their birthday is super important to them! As narcissists, psychopaths and sociopaths are very good chameleons, they are experts at passing themselves off as good old regular people.

30 Red Flags of Manipulative People

However, there are signs that they can't help but show as they are deeply ingrained in their personalities. Pay careful attention to the following. Talk incessantly about themselves. A common misconception is that all Narcissists have low self esteem. Many narcissists actually have a heightened sense of self confidence.

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They love themselves more than they'll ever love you. It's always someone else's fault for the mishaps in their lives. They will ask about personal information to learn more about you. They want things their way. Any deviations you make from their plans will result in immediate sabotage as they will view you as treacherous. They have unstable relationships. Any questions about family or friends will be quickly sidestepped as the conversation will be redirected to you.

Narcissists seldom lay all the cards on the table at first glance.