Always be willing to give a massage any time your partner give you massage. Be prepared to just smile and roll with it when you run into one of her clients at the bar and he is super friendly to her and downright hostile to you. Of course, everyone dreams of dating a massage therapist, just like everybody wanted to date the captain of the football team or the head cheerleader in high school. Dating clients is a big no-no in many professional settings and could possibly cost them their job depending on where they are working and how strict policies are. In fact, she might just be hoping for that.

How to Date a Massage Therapist. Massage therapists are very physically active… in many ways Do massage therapists really have better sex than most people?

Guys, would you have a massage therapist gf?

Massage therapists like a rub down just as much as you do Being a massage therapist is very physically exhausting. Best place to ask a massage therapist out: Mingle2 Hits 10 Million Member Mark. The Evolution of Online Dating.

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March 13, James. March 12, James. Besides, the perks of having a massage therapist as an SO are amazing.

She can do things with my body I never felt before. She gets really into it, abs has expanded to reiki and has been practicing with me. It's an amazingly interesting profession, I see no reason to count a girl out because she does massage for a living. My gf HAS told me that it's not unusual for people to offer her money to make it a more 'intimate' session, yet she politely declines and usually they don't try again.

You just need to try not to be so insecure and think that a massage automatically gets tagged as a racy profession that involves money unset the table for sexual favors. November 21st, , Having a massage therapist GF wouldn't bother me at all.

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If her work required providing "happy endings", that would be another thing. A particular society that has its own beliefs, ways of life, art, etc. A way of thinking, behaving, or working that exists in a place or organization such as a business. September 9th, , She works in a reputable place chiropractic office , and I trust and love her completely. Therapeutic massage may not be overtly sexual but it IS a sensual and initmate act at least from the client's experience.

Plus she is a very sexual woman so I have no doubt she enjoyed touching the hot ones. She is thinking of retiring for a few reasons thank God but I will say I hate t and wish she didn't do it. I feel like massage therapists are just above prostitution in that they are selling their bodies to pleasure others at the end of the day.

“Should I Ask Out My Hot Massage Therapist?”

The fact that the legit massage therapists don't do sexual things with their clients is great, but IMO they are "sensual workers," not sex workers, true, but the connection is there and real. I know this is my hang up, and I deal with it pretty well, but I sure AF wish it wasn't the case. It's not the case. I have had back pain for 3years since I got pregnant with my first child and I defo need massage therapy. I've had one so far as well as acupuncture twice and it's purely to loosen knots in muscles.

I don't get anything sexual out of it. I need it coz I'm in pain plain and simple.. I defo think you are over thinking it.

I have a CRUSH on my Therapist!

September 11th, , Just because someone's by your side, it doesn't mean they're on your side.