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It's, for some, the prospect of money I'm sure but very few, and certainly not all. It's because teenage boys tend to be rather Childish if you will. They still seem like children to us, so it's natural to seek out a more mature, stable relationship. Not all teens need to attach themselves to someone of the same maturity level, some simply wait for the boys to catch up, but others will look at a man maybe four or five years older for guidance and a realistic passionate relationship.

It's a total double standard. We all want equality for men and women, but we'll be touchy the female is the eldest in the couple. I Guess it goes back to women needing protection, and being a vulnerable little flower. Generally, when people think of the one who needs protection, they lean towards the younger one.

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A 43 year old woman who is interested in a 24 year old man is hoping that her man will have a very healthy sexual appetite. Maybe several times a day.


She's hoping you can hang with that. My mistake was in going back to dating women my own age. A 43 year old woman dating a 24 year old wants to get laid. Unlike dating chicks your own age , it won't be a weeks or months long chore gaining access to her vagina. As long as you don't say anything too stupid you should be in good shape.

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Be sure to go somewhere they serve alcohol ,,,,, let her drink a lot while you limit yourself to only a couple. She will be more sexual, for one thing. A 43 year old woman is at her sexual peak in life. Maybe her seeing you is all about sex Get Every Girl Easily http: Related Questions Young guy needs advice on dating older woman?

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Do women handle cheating better than men? How can I get out of debt if my wife keeps over spending.? Older girls are usually with even older guys, and then we're stuck with the ones years younger than ourselves. Who cares if they don't like you, can't please everyone. Yehh I normally date younger guys, Some guys that are older are too pushy for you know, so yeah. Yeah it really depends on the girl. I personally date guys up to five years older than me, but I do go for like..

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