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She is a young woman with a classic style and a strong personality, but also tender and gentle.

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Curious and eager to discover, she makes several trips a year around the world and closely follows political events. She loves the dynamic city life; going out, moving, going for a walk Her future partner is courageous, enterprising and sensitive. He knows the worth of effort, and shares her passions. Very energetic and positive, laughter is essential for her. She is a refined lady, tall and elegant. Independent and sociable, she is always surrounded. In her spare time, she dedicates herself i. Very open-minded and embracing difference - she loves discovering and traveling.

Her future spouse has a sense of humor and etiquette; he is spontaneous and optimistic. This female has a bubbly personality en dances through life with a smile on her face.

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She's ambitious and spunky and adores travelling. She would like to meet a charming man with a natural class between the ages of 25 and 35 who values warmth and affection. A young man who is enterprising, firmly standing in his shoes, pursues his goals and knows where he is going.

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She is dynamic, cheerful and communicative. She and her future partner enrich each other, learn from each other and share good moments. She loves to go out, travel; eat out, go to the movies or the museum. Preferably, her partner has a classical style and is between 40 and He is sophisticated, intelligent, kind and generous.

He loves and collects art; he paints and sculpts. Well spoken, well read and well traveled. A very acitve and interesting person. He knows who he is and what he wants. A very intriguing woman who has stories to tell.

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She currently lives in Belgium. He is ambitious, a business genius with a strong personality. On a personal level he is caring and sweet. A year old, tall, handsome and stylish man who is ready to, preferably with his future family, enjoy the "now". He is a true man of the world, he knows what he wants and he goes straight for it. His future wife is tall, has a great body, is a natural beauty and is 27 to 32 years old.

She doesn't have children but she absolutely wants to start a family. Honest, repectful, loyal and spontaneous; she takes initiative. A "no-nonsense" woman who dislikes routine.

She is a year old elegant and classy merchandiser, with Indian roots, who has traveled the world. A true family person, honest, kind and committed. A perfect match for her would be a 30 to year old handsome man who dresses well and takes good care of his body. He is successful, financially well settled, honest, intelligent and understanding. Like her, he has seen a lot of the world.

This pretty and stylish lady with medium length brown hair and brown eyes, has built an internationally oriented career. In her spare time she enjoys traveling, a nice dinner, cultural activities, and quality time with her son. Wants to meet an enterprising, independent man with a strong personality, aged This charismatic man manages his own accounting and tax advice firm.

His hobbies include golf, swimming, long trips and city trips - as long as the sun is present! He attaches great importance to the family unit.

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Wants to meet an ambitious, elegant lady, calm and positive. Find your perfect match!

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Contact us free of obligation. I am totally certain of that. Thanks for all the help your agency gave me! Would you like to ask one of our dating coaches for advice? Submit your question here! Region Antwerp, 61 years old, female English-speaking, adventurous woman is looking for a charming man Who loves the English language, and is up for a fun ride through life?

Region Flemish Brabant, 43 years old, female Legal Executive Assistant This friendly and peaceful lady is very optimistic, open-minded, active, creative, discreet, sweet, romantic, affectionate. Region Utrecht, 68 years old, male Vip exclusive member, active as a teacher of classical languages Positive-minded man with an optimistic attitude to life. Region Brussels, 36 years old, male Active in IT This peacefull man is cominucative but can also listen very well.

His ideal lady likes kids and has resemblances with him VIP: Region Brussels, 49 years old, female Witty lawyer Loves going out with friends and family. Many people in Luxembourg do not have time due to a busy professional and personal schedule. They do not take time to really look for love and to build a relationship.

They think that chatting on websites could help and it is time saving, but at the end it is so difficult to find the right person online. Many people are hiding themselves behind their computer screens and it is very difficult to know with whom we are really communicating. We created Love4You to bring people physically together to end their emotional and physical loneliness. We wanted to allow people to communicate immediately face to face to avoid any possibility to hide their personality behind a screen.

Moreover, what we have created is a community, a big family of people going out together, spending time together and getting to know each other.

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We are not only a matchmaking agency, but also a club for singles meeting together on a very regular basis. We created a community of single people participating in various curated events. We also organise personal development workshops on a variety of relationship, dating and love topics that will help them enhance their interpersonal skills to better understand each other.