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I have been stalked so many times and few times been harassed by taxi drivers one even touched my legs. I reported him to the police tho. Have met a few decent people off net and still friends but i must admit a few were wolves in sheep's clothing.

The reality of life in the Middle East for expat women | FinGlobal

Meeting people off the internet can be risky. You just have to trust your instincts and meet in public areas. It is not only in dubai First of all i am sorry to all the ladies behalf of the quoter! Faraz- living alone, far from their woman, everyone needs a partner and even sex, but it doesn't mean that cheat a woman or force her to do something against her will Pay and use them if a guy like you or anyone who can't resist. I never written myself or read anywhere as below from a man, change your outlook Faraz towards woman!

I respect woman alot Its not your mistake I dont want anything wrong in this world It was not for me it was general that you are avoiding. Alo Very insightful posts I might say! I agree that we shoudl nto generalise as I have met weirdos in all naiionalities including my home country.

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I have been in Dubai for 6 months and it has been quite a whirlwind thus far. I am homesick at least 2 times a day! But tats the norm right - I appreciate my friends and family so much more now ,now that I knwo that "reallsincere"people are rare gems! So maybe I can share a few tips based on my experiences! Dont be too friendly when meeting anyone male or female for the first time ,be observent and trust your gut LADIES why give your number to everyone you meet - take their numbers and that way you can actually decide if you really have a need to call the person Dont get into strangers cars!!!!

Dont get into situations where you dont have transport home! If you meeting someone for the first time make sure its in a public environment Be vague! Dont tell people exactly where you live! Be careful when accepting drinks from starngers just know that it might not be a kind gesture ,dont be fooled and naiieve!

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Lastly the world is full of weirdos but we all have to be alret and observant ,yes Dubai is "safer"than most places but that does not mean we must let our guard down! There are genuine trustworthy people in Dubai ,but remember to trust your insticts above anyone elses your gut will never let you down!

Is Doha your first overseas job?

Things could be far worse ,we could be living in Japan ,lets not loose sight of our blessings in life! I've met 2 sweethearts here, just love them both! Makes you aware of bad things as well. Dubai is a city with no heart so do not trust any one except your instincts. It all depends in which community you live in.

The Curious Dating Habits Of Glamorous Dubai Expats

I reckon if you are earning at least k a month and living in decent family type communities you shouldnt worry too much. Dubai is not particularly different. However, please check the statistics and you will find that Dubai is one of the safest places to live in. Guys I am a local and this is my first post in this website,,, hope my experience from the localised community side will help each other in getting to know each other much closer than before,,, ok now this post has pulled my attention as I see most of you guys are coming from different background and experiences Why you want to meet an unknown person just after spending couple of hours with them online?

When you opt to meet a new guy in Dubai always go with some friends or choose an area where you feel comfortable.

The reality of life in the Middle East for expat women

At the first time if you choose to meet them in private places, of course you are creating a wrong atmosphere there and after something happens wrong, how can you blame only the guy or judge all other people in this Country? Always share the personal information only with well-known peoples.

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