People settle into their ways and get comfortable. They know their partner loves them and they start to taking advantage of one another a bit. This is an important time in a relationship I think because it helps you figure out how you are going to deal with these issues through out your marriage. This is when you really have to start making compromises for one another. I think it might have been right after we were married…maybe 4 or 5 months after. We were just getting used to having time to ourselves again, and my husband started up school. I was sick of him going to school at that point, and I think that was one of our hardest times.

I think everyone needs to go through that at some point.

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It tests your relationship and makes sure you can handle the toughness of things and still make it last. Could this be what you mean by slump? With my husband, real life hit us pretty hard right away in the beginning so after about 3 months we were hitting that transitional period but we came through and realized that we were great together. It signifies the turning point in your relationship where you have gotten past the giddiness of new love and have reached a level of comfort.

What you both do with that level of comfort is up to you. It can be a positive turning point where you both continue to grow together while respecting each others space, or it can be your downfall if you only respect your own space. This is the transition that can be an important milestone in your relationship and one that will set the foundation for a successful marriage.

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I havent heard of it before but my Fiance and I went through this around our 2 year mark, we felt a decline in our intimacy and since we knew so much about each other, there was no mystery between us anymore. Plus at that time, we had lived together, so it was quite an experience. I think it happens in marriages too…. Maybe at eight months? We still cuddle, kiss, dance randomly, give each other massages, and generally act sweetly towards one another everyday. It is more of a whenever the mood stricks us sort of thing and sometimes we are just too darn busy.

We have never gone a day without tickles or kisses though. Came out the other side ok. Find support, ask questions, swap stories, and follow brides planning real weddings here on Weddingbee.

6 Month Bump, 1 Year Hump, 2 Year Done

OttawaBride 9 years ago Wedding: May I have never heard of that. To this, the guy usually ends up dating one of the female elves that he met on his video game. Nothing like Video Game romance…. Guys, generally speaking, have a wandering eye. What is the wandering eye? But I think guys do it more. And so the 6 month — 1 Year question for most guys is, am I really into this girl? Is there someone that I think is better than her, that I could probably date? Will I be happy to settle down with this one girl for the rest of my life? The question plagues them, and they begin to notice little nuances of the relationship that they never noticed before.

But this is reality. This is when you have your first major fight. This is really the point in the relationship where you have to ask yourself this question: Can I marry this person?

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But having the same argument over and over again can become quite tasking. This is the point where, if you break up, it starts to hurt an awful lot. After you get past the 1 year hump, the relationship takes on a much more serious tone. You plan out your lives with the intent and knowledge that you are going to factor the other person into your decision making process. Some people go through a second honeymoon stage here where they feel a new sense of excitement for the relationship. Even after getting over the hump, if you are still uncertain and tentative, then the lingering affects from that stage can haunt you during this time as well, and ultimately end up with the relationship being dragged on needlessly, or being ended abruptly and painfully.

Breaking up at this stage is very painful, and can cause a lot of bitterness, anger, disillusionment…etc. It can hurt a damn lot. This last particular stage is very variable. At the 2 year point, you have a pretty good grasp if you can marry the person or not. I know some people who dated someone for 6 years and dragged it on even though both of them knew it was probably over at the 2 year point , because they were too afraid of change. At the year point in the relationship, most relationships will either 1. End in painful misery or 2.

End in engagement and ultimately marriage.

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Tobehitch shares View profile View Blog. So with that being said… Here are the natural cycles of a two year relationship. Honeymoon Stage The infamous honeymoon stage. The Reality Stage Congratulations on making it past the first six months! What is he doing with his life?

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The Serious Stage After you get past the 1 year hump, the relationship takes on a much more serious tone. You Might Also Like: Get Out Of The Car! Back to Featured Articles on.