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A recent increasing trend has also seen the primary provider of a service such as an airline introducing internet based booking at reduced prices, further emphasizing the disintermediation effect. In some areas, such as real estates e. This area of matchmaking and brokering services is expected to grow greatly in the near future with e-commerce sites exploiting new market niches. This is also an area with the greatest likelihood of disinter mediation, and traditional agents or brokers will have to build new dimensions to their services in order to survive.

This is expected to be a growing area of e-commerce in the future. A number of companies are gaining access to or have purchased large inventories of movies or other entertainment material with the view of allowing people to download this on the web. Sites here vary from theme sites that use a small amount of interactive entertainment to promote their products, such as Disney, to others that provide games either for a fee or are free coupled together with advertising that pays for the site.

An important issue here is that the payments involved are relatively small for each transaction, and hence the use of micro payment techniques is likely to be of considerable importance here. Banking as a business can be subdivided into five broad types: Of all these types, retail and investment banking are most affected by online technological innovations and are the ones that stand to profit most from electronic commerce. The role of electronic commerce in banking is multifaceted impacted by changes in technology, rapid deregulation of many parts of finance, the emergence of new banking institutions, and basic economic restructuring.

Given these environmental changes, banks are reassessing their cost and profit structures.

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Many banks feel that in order to be profitable they need to reduce operating expenses and maintain strict cost control. This philosophy is evident in the many mergers and acquisitions occurring in the banking industry. The challenge behind bank restructuring lies in adequately operational zing the notion of cost control. Increasingly help to reduce operating costs and still provide adequate customer service. Innovation and technology are becoming the key differentiators in the financial services business. Advance in networking, processing, and decision analytics have allowed institutions to lower service costs.

Technology has also accelerated the pace of product innovation. For example, sophisticated arbitrage instruments like derivatives are changing the nature of investment banking. Technology is enabling the development of new products and services. For example, technology is capable of replacing or expediting tedious financial exercises like check writing, filing taxes, and transferring funds. Although large businesses have automated these tasks, many small businesses and most households still do them manually.

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This is not surprising; large businesses have been undergoing computerization for more than thirty years, whereas PCs have been entering households in significant numbers only in the last few years. Technology is changing the interaction between banks and consumers. In particular, technological innovations have enabled the following capabilities: These online capabilities increase the facility and speed of retail banking.

However, new technology is a double-edged sword.

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While it enables banks to be more competitive through huge investments, it also enables new competition from fast-moving, non banking firms. This trend can be seen in the area of online payments, where recent innovations have provided an opportunity for non banks to break into the banking business, threatening the banking stronghold on one of the last key services provided by banks.

The present nature of online payments is a clear indication that if the banking industry fails to meet the demand for new products, there are many industries that are both willing and able to fill the void. Technology also creates problems in the product development lifecycle. In the past, banks had the luxury of long roll-out periods because successful investment in retail banking required a large monetary commitment for product development.

This financial requirement pre-vented new participants from entering the market and was a key determinant of success.

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  4. This is no longer the case. In recent years, there has been a major change in the way banks strive for increased profitability.

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    In the past, the banking industry was chiefly concerned with asset quality and capitalization; if the bank was performing well along these two dimensions, then the bank would likely be profitable. Today, performing well on asset quality and capitalization is not enough.

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    A thorough understanding of this competitive environment is needed before banks can determine their online strategy. Five distinct factors contribute to the new competitive environment:. Consumer requirements have changed substantially in the last decade. Customers want to access account-related information, download account data for use with personal finance software products, transfer funds between accounts, and pay bills electronically. Many consumer requirements are based on a simple premise: Customers want to be able to bank at their convenience, including over the weekend or late at night.

    Bankers want more stable and long term relationships with their customers.

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    This gulf is filled with established methods, such as branches, postage and mail, advertising, and people on telephones. These methods can be costly and impersonal. Electronic banking provides a method of communication that will enable the bank customer to be reached, served, and sold products and services in their homes and offices whenever it is convenient for them-twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. Although personal finance software allows people to manage their money, it only represents half of the information management equation.

    No matter which software package is used to manage accounts, information gets man-aged twice once by the consumer and once by the bank.