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It seems again a bit much, but then, I do not understand anything has Hyun-hee. You just happens then come and says Hyun-hee is waiting outside, she thought it was best for Hyun-hee not interfere with it, but their feelings are sincere, it warns Hoon-dong to treat them sincerely. Hoon-dong asks if she with that really is fine, and she insists that they are. He turns his laptop around and asks if that's why they to sneak into his restaurant, and points out how it happens their days under his roof with his colleague at his best friend and her nights sneaking around busy to spend.

Well, if you say it is so, it seems to be all about you. He marched outside and apologizes Hyun-hee to. With her in disarray, if he has feelings for someone else, and is called waste "After two women in a heart that is not one thing that should be done. He is Jang-mi and says accusingly, that he can not possibly twice two friends.

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Man, when Lee Hoon-dong the moral superiority will get in, that's a bitter pill. Hyun-hee leaves in tears, and Jang-mi wonders what just happened to the devil. Hoon-dong tattles on her Ki-tae, the path goes in trying to act overboard as it is no big deal and he cares not entirely Yeo-Reum. He says that marriage and dating are two different things, and he is not worried.

The more Ki-tae insists he does not care, the more Hoon-dong is convinced tae chokes on his wine and Hoon-dong sees through him, he's cool acts to protect his pride, so only that he can stay with Jang-mi, even while she runs around with Yeo-Reum. Yeo-Reum awaits Jang-mi outside of work at night, and assures her that he's fine, and did not get fired.

But she sees that he packed his bags, and he admits that he take the deposit to his apartment to pay for the truffles. She feels terrible for the mess he is in because. Of her, and he asks if she let him sleep over then. Ki-tae playing video games at home, but his mind keeps his kiss travels back with Jang-mi. Hoon-dong question echoes in his head, and he tried to shake it off ". No, no, nonono Never" But the kiss only replays over and over again, and finally he buries his head in his hands in defeat, while his videogame him mocked:.

But he soon comes crashing back to reality, when they come in, says, and Yeo-Reum goes through his door with luggage in tow. Ha, best worst plan ever.

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She complains that she wasted her lips on him, and he reminds her that this all started because he wants to be alone. Jang-mi awful feels that Yeo-Reum has nowhere to go because of her, and he is also called to help intervene for his part Se-ah. Se-ah calls Ki-tae, make sure he's alone because she is with his mother on the way to eat something to fall off, and it takes one second him before he realizes that she could run out in Yeo-Reum and Jang-mi on their way. Se-ah wonders why he alone pretended to be, and he says he did not want to be disturbed. When he refuses Mamas Kimchi, Jang-mi it takes and promises every last drop to eat, and asked Mom why she came with it Se-ah-is contrary to their relationship?

She nudges present for Mom that she smiles to have grateful someone else on his side disapprovingly beings and Ki-tae. Once they leave, Jang-mi asks Yeo-Reum for a few days at home, and they ensure that to get him his life of loneliness. Yeo-Reum comes out again and throws an arm over Jang-mi shoulder as she asks what he will do when she sees Mommy with Yeo-Reum, and Ki-tae frowns.

So go into it, where Yeo-Reum to touch the house comes down, and Ki-tae follows him from room to room to tell him that anything to eat from the laundry is taboo. Ki-tae is fidgety, even though Jang-mi tugging at his sweater, ensure that it will be with this in order, and it makes the boy holding hands before they leave for the night.

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Mom for the embarrassing situation feels bad, but Se-ah, she says to use it, she saw Ki-tae date before the other girls, and his girlfriends have always been jealous of her. Mama asks for her father, and Se-ah says that he liked to Ki-tae much and wants to recruit him into his hospital. In fact he wanted was with Ki-tae, but Se-ah feels weird about helping since Jang-mi could meet misunderstood, and Mom offers.

Ki -Tae wakes in the morning, shivering from the cold and reached for the covers and opens slowly to find his eyes that he Yeo-Reum is spooning. He darts and asks what the hell is he doing here, and Yeo-Reum murmurs only that it was too cold to sleep on the couch. Ki-tae shouts him out and looks under the covers to make sure he holds. Ki-tae eating his usual OCD breakfast and keeps asking what Yeo-Reum doing, and we see how he is sitting across the table just staring at him: You said I could not eat "Ki-tae asks if he he does not really go anywhere-Fits friends or family?

Yeo-Reum says that all his friends girls, he never having to begin a father and his mother left him. Yeo-Reum smiles and notes that it worked on Jang-mi, but not on Ki-tae. Yeo-Reum trying to get a ride to work, but is on the curb to the left, and he chuckles to himself that Ki-tae nice. Cutie Pie spends the day, coughing and sneezing, blaming Yeo-Reum for the cold he caught for stealing the covers. He ends early leave work, and reminds the nurses the refrigerated deliveries to move because of the power for the night for repairs is switched off.

Jang-mi Mom calls the clinic looking Ki-tae and hears that he went home sick, and she sends home dad to bring a bunch of fresh chicken.

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Jang-mi comes home and faints at the smell of samgetang but pouts when Mama says it's for Ki-tae and sends them off to deliver it. She goes on with the huge pot of soup when Ki-tae of Mama calls suddenly offering her up to take them to spend the day shopping, and insists to be there now. So they dragged the pot with her aunt and starts trying to make their stuff, has planned for the nice dinner, Mama for them and Ki-tae.

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Meanwhile mom calls Ki-tae and told him about the dinner, and he convinced Jang-mi just to go with it together and make mom buy her everything. Jang-mi tries to just go with the first dress, so they at least provide the soup Ki-tae, but Aunt makes every single thing, try the store to drag down the soup pot up and down the stairs, and then she takes in the salon, where she repeated one thousand times makes her hair and makeup. Jang-mi ends asking the makeover to stop torture, and finally collapse to Ki-tae of the clinic and on the couch. Aunt awaits Jang-mi, to fall asleep and steals her phone before sneaking out.

Mom can not believe aunt there her sleeping left and worried that they'll wake up and call Ki-tae, but Aunt slips her Jang-mi phone and says it has already caused. Meanwhile Ki-tae come to dinner, and found Se-ah waiting for him. She says that her father is on the way, and asks if he is not to escape want to be alone, with a memory card, the photos of Jang-mi and Yeo-Reum and deals keep a hotel key shift from Mama away when he goes with her to the top.

She is mentally ill, is not it? In what universe your ex for his sperm blackmailed one thing that people do? Mom comes first, and she and Se-ah sit there exchanging pleasantries while Ki-tae stands there in disbelief. He asks her what she does with Jang-mi, and hears her purse ring when he calls Jang-mi phone. He wants to know where Jang-mi's. Jang-mi wakes up in the hospital and wonder where everyone went. At eight, the unit switches off at once, and Jang-mi stumbles her way to the door, to call for help.

It grows increasingly anxious and feels her way through the darkness for a phone to look, and ends to spill the pot of soup all over yourself. Your panic starts at is to assemble alone caught. Mom finally cops leave Jang-mi in his clinic, and Ki-tae freaks out when he sees that time there last night, when power on reason is to be switched off for the night.

He scoffs that mom has resorted kidnapping, and when she tells him to lower his voice, he says even louder: Se-ah defends mom and says she is the one who asked for it, and Mama tells her it's okay. Ki-tae blows up at them: He runs red lights and winds through intersections almost killing people all the time to think back Jang-mi story about prisoner to be alone when she was young and Dad ask to care for him of her ,. Ki-tae finally arrives and Yeo-Reum wonders what's he doing here if the whole building has been shut down. Ki-tae tells him that Jang-mi interior is enclosed, and together they pry open the door by force.

They share inside her looking upward, and Ki-tae runs anywhere their names called, sick care. He finds them under his desk like a frightened little girl crouched, and he breaks into a rant to ask why it is so stupid as to be deceived as as. She breaks crying in tears that she was frightened and it's all because of him, and then to embrace Yeo-Reum swoops in her and tell her it going to be fine. Aaaaaaah, let the other guy hug her!

When Ki-tae house she sighs forlornly on pot samgetang that was destroyed, and shuffles off to go wash. Yeo-Reum thinks it is enough to eat for all three of them, and Ki-tae asks sarcastically when Jesus. He lets Yeo-Reum use the kitchen, just this once, and pretends not by the smell of delicious chicken pasta are lured.

He is disturbed when Jang-mi says it is delicious, and if they spoon feed Ki -Tae him make it to it's Yeo-Reum be detuned turn. Ki-tae sighs that he feels bad to samgetang-he deserves to be not so well treated by their parents about.

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  • She says it is not all bad, because it is their only chance of a doctor to dream son-in-law, and calls them their Midsummer Night's Dream , Yeo-Reum whose name means "a summer" asks if she called him, and forces its way into the conversation to Ki-tae trouble. But once Jang-mi busts from the wine, lightens the mood.