Dating sims for psp with english patch

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List of The 50+ Best Dating Sim Games of All Time

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If you're under 18 years old, please kindly refrain from clicking them. All questions answered by tsubasa unless otherwise indicated by brackets [ ]. General Questions about Dating-sims and another similar types of games What are Ren'ai games? What are Visual Novels? What are Upbringing simulation games? What are hentai games, erotic games or erogee? Are there any Dating-sims for girls?

What are some Dating-sims for the PS2? Why would people want to play Dating-sims? How much Japanese do I need to know to play Dating-sims? Where do I find them? Where can I get them for free? Where can I get them?

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I'll pay for them! Where can I download them for free? But I'm only 15 so I don't have money! It's natural for me to find the copy on the net! Where can I download them? How do I get the Dating-Sims translated into English? Why can't I enjoy ren'ai simulation games if I don't understand Japanese? So, are there any ren'ai sim games already in English?

Where can I find demos? How compatible are imports on U. Viewing and using Japanese characters correctly on the PC and Mac How do I show the Japanese Kanji characters correctly? How do I input Japanese without a Japanese operating system?

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How come the Japanese characters show up on some sites and not on some others? The Japanese games won't show Japanese characters correctly on my PC. What can I do about it? Where do I learn casual Japanese? Where do I learn polite Japanese?

How do I teach myself? Is there any way to learn Japanese myself? How do I apply my Japanese skill at a job interview? How do I get started?

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Travel to Japan Things are very expensive in Japan. How do I make it cheap? My Japanese knowledge is limited. Tell me about Survival Japanese. How much do things cost in Japan? Working at Japan What is the JET program? What information is there about teaching English in Japan? Amateur culture in Japan How can I obtain them for free? How can I obtain them? I will pay for them. Is it a sort of like a con in the US? What do -san, -chan, -sama, and other suffixes mean?

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What does baka mean? How do you use the "yo" and "mo" particles in Japanese? What are some greetings and goodbyes in Japanese? The bottom line 1. The word "Dating-Sim" is not an official word in the Japanese gaming world but it represents the mood of such game titles.

Dating sims english translated

In Japan, we have tons of games that describes the romantic love in adolesence especially in the highschool days , and the dilemma between friendship and love. The correct saying is "Ren'ai games". I hate to call them "Gal-games" or "Gal-getting games". You may think it's sappy but not all of them are like soap-operas.

Some games deal with the end of the world, and some other games deal with the hardship of the humanity.