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When I started The Vida Consultancy in , my first mammoth challenge was to build from scratch a network of top quality single men and women.

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  6. Top 6 Elite Matchmaking Services (A Cost Comparison).

I attended many high level networking events and within the first month I met around 20 single people, whom I felt represented a good cross section of my ideal client group. The thought of having to network for another month, to meet just another 20 people felt time intensive so I developed a referral system which encouraged people I knew, and trusted, to refer their single friends to me. Within a few months, my network of single people had grown to Good people know good people, so our main focus is growing the business by word of mouth.

Meet the matchmakers who find love for the international jet-set dating elite

When a client joins Vida and is associated with someone else we know, it really helps us develop a three-dimensional view of that person and maintain high quality. This allows us to grow our networks remotely and develop a deep understanding of local culture. I have integrated some of my expertise as a chartered psychologist into the business model, so for example I use a consultative approach.

Our clients are successful, professional, cosmopolitan men and women who seek a like-minded, compatible partner.

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They are generally attractive, healthy, dynamic, respectable individuals who simply do not have either the time or the opportunity to meet people using their own channels. Our international service is full of challenges. We are very discerning about who we will accept as clients. We meet all of our London-based clients face to face and always meet their matches, so we can assess mutual compatibility.

However with our international clients this is not always possible and therefore we often have to rely on Skype or feedback from face to face meetings held between the client and our local consultant.

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The great advantage is that our international clients are usually happy to meet a partner who is based anywhere in Europe, or the US. Sometimes that means taking new photos. Over the years, VIDA has cultivated a team of in-house photographers who specialize in capturing natural-looking yet professional-grade pictures of a client.

These experts understand which types of photos perform best on a dating platform, and they put a lot of thought into every shot. Since , VIDA has taken on more than 5, clients and helped them master modern dating tools.

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The company boasts a solid success rate and many positive reviews. Word-of-mouth is huge for the coaching firm. VIDA gives singles the key to finding compatible dates in a fast-paced online space. VIDA helps clients cut through the noise and jumble of the online world and focus on matches with real, long-term potential. In the last few years, VIDA has seen an increase in the number of women coming on board and using the coaching services. Many individuals have turned to these dating experts to help them translate swipes, likes, messages, and winks into actual dates, and they have ended up in satisfying relationships in a short period of time.

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Scott and his team have spent nearly a decade studying matchmaking and becoming experts on what factors lead to a long-term match. I was staying in Chelsea and suggested dinner in Del Posto, an amazing Italian restaurant. It was a great first date that spawned a seven-month relationship. The key is rigorous profiling, says Mairead Molloy, global director of Berkeley International. Molloy is not the only one bringing impressive credentials to the table — MacLynn moved into matchmaking in following a career in business psychology, while Seventy-Thirty founder, Susie Ambrose, ran a successful psychotherapy practice prior to setting up the company.

U nsurprisingly, such expertise comes at a price that acts as the first dating filter, alone. But then, finding love is a serious business, insists MacLynn. O nce a potential suitor has been identified, the matchmakers typically back off, though if requested, they can arrange the first date. We try not to be the overbearing aunt.

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But what happens when things get serious and the romance of jet-set dating gives way to mundate yet crucial considerations, such as where to set up a home together - or, should the patter of tiny feet follow, where the children go to school. How do you even countenance settling down when you are constantly on the move? Many of the women we deal with have the kind of skills and careers which mean they can work anywhere in the world.