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Builders are likely to open doors for women, cook for men, be on time and make concrete plans for the evening.

The struggles of secretly dating a celebrity - Clip from 'Fall in Love Like A Star'

Builders tend to think concretely; they are literal; they like and trust facts. So on a date, a Builder is likely to engage in detailed factual conversations. Builders want to belong, and to take in social, business and community events in style and comfort.

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They are likely to invite a date to a charity ball, dinner party or business reception. Builders like long engagements; this way they can meet their social obligations and think carefully about a possible marriage. Builders want romance to proceed as planned.

Jennifer Lawrence's Dating History — and What She's Said About Romance

In fact, they are likely to be the least sexual of the four types. For the Director, dating is not entertainment, as with the Explorer, or a social activity, as with the Builder, but an expenditure of time and energy. Directors approach dating the same way they approach their other intterests, by rationally analyzing their hopes, needs and intentions. Directors are rarely interested in pursuing several relationships at once; instead they want deep discussions on intellectual topics with a single partner. Directors can be very romantic.

Sentimental crooning, sending routine cards or flowers, even anniversaries mean little to them. But they are prepared to make a deep and genuine commitment to another person. And when they find the right individual, they will carefully engineer heartfelt activities to do with their beloved.

Directors have a high sex drive, a trait associated with testosterone. Once in a commited partnership, however. They let you know what they want and how they wish to proceed; and they can be hypersensitive to even tiny signs of rejection. Days of Future Past. Who am I without this man? I am lonely every Saturday night.

‘Darkest Hour’ director now dating ‘Girl on the Train’ star | Page Six

Guys are so mean to me. I am straight as an arrow. And more importantly, was he ever in cahoots with his self-proclaimed muse, Uma? He and actress Rose McGowan also met on the set of Grindhouse and began a romance that lasted several years. Rodriguez was still married.

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Though the director would eventually legitimize their relationship by divorcing his wife and proposing to McGowan, the couple called it quits before ever walking down the aisle. Prior to meeting actress Kate Beckinsale, Wiseman was happily married to a kindergarten teacher.

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Beckinsale was also technically unavailable as she had been in a long-term relationship with actor Michael Sheen, but when has that ever stopped a Hollywood romance from forming? A year later, Wiseman and Beckinsale were married. Eleven years later, the couple split seemingly out of nowhere citing irreconcilable differences despite rumors of infidelity. Although most of these actor and director pairings have ended in heartbreak, this couple has beat the odds.

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They were married in and have since lived happily ever after with their two children. Tim Burton has gotten quite the reputation for being, for lack of a better term, a total weirdo. His weirdness has translated into success at the box office, though, with classics like Beetlejuice raking in millions.

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Like many of these directors, Burton shows loyalty to his actor friends by frequently recasting them, and for a long time his once domestic partner, Helena Bonham Carter, was one of these stock characters. The two were together from to and during that time they had two children and made five movies. Though the pair has since split, fret not; their past love affair is commemorated every time we re-watch Helena and Johnny Depp cook pies made of human flesh. During the making of Snow White , Sanders and Stewart began an extramarital relationship that was eventually covered by every gossip magazine on the planet.