Snsd yuri dating alone ep 1 eng sub

Hwijae cooks dinner for his former teacher while struggle to cook on an rural stove. Taewoong and Sung Si-kyung work together to get Join's toy un-stuck from the ceiling. Ilgook participates in a triathlon competition. He has each of the twins accompany in each different category. The Choos invite the Sarang's cousins over. Sunghoon has fun playing DJ while the kids dance to the music.

[ENG SUB] Chanyeol Dating Alone Ep.2 - Part 6/11

The Lees goes to a petting zoo and the twins get their very first horse ride. Sunghoon takes Sarang and her friend Yuto to the park to play. Later at home Sarang and her mom Shiho have a cheongsam dress fashion show at home. Ilgook and the triplets continues with the triathlon competition, afterwards they have a buffet meal. Jion and Taewoong enjoy a beautiful in their backyard with the family dogs.

Later Taewoong takes Jion to a children's play gym to socialize with other kids. Later they make posters to welcome mom back from her trip. The Songs are still enjoying their camping trip. Ilgook makes a game of finding items in the forest to keep the triplets occupied. Later the Songs go to a salon for the triplets to get their hair cuts. Looking at female wigs Ilgook gets an idea and puts a wig on each of his sons, pretending them to be daughters.

Hwijae takes the twins out to have cake, after returning home mom Jeongwon, tells Hwijae that her old college friend Jeong Changuk who is now a celebrity chef will be stopping by their home to teach Hwijae to cook a healthy meal. Taewoong and Jion are still visiting his old hometown. Jion falls in love and takes care of the puppies at their home-stay house.

While eating at a restaurant Taewoong meets the owner who happens to be a former classmate of his older sister Junghwa. A short preview is shown of new Superman Lee Donggook's big family.

터프한 찬열 선배 "넌 그만 마셔" 대신 원샷! 나홀로 연애중 12회

Taewoong takes Jion to his favorite childhood summer spot. Father and daughter enjoy a nice cool dip in the stream and later enjoy a seafood meal. Jeong Changuk tries to get close with the twins while teaching Hwijae how to make multiple healthy chicken dishes. Ilgook and the triplets set a re-marriage proposal for their mom. Later the Songs dine at a noodle restaurant, Ilgook decides to participate in the noodle eating contest the restaurant has.

Later they go to the airport to pickup the Sungs and Yuto who are visiting from Japan. Lee Donggook and his big family makes their debut. Donggook's first task is to make breakfast for his kids. He finds the task hard as he is not familiar around the kitchen, with the help of his older twin daughters Jaesi and Jaeah he manages to make scramble eggs for everyone.

Second day of lessons at the village school for the triplets and Sarang and Yuto! Choo Sunghoon and Song Ilkook make a special health dish for the children. The actor, Ahn Jaewook, comes from afar to see Seoeon and Seojun. But when Jaewook sees the twins, they slowly run away! Taewoong is a trained horse rider through acting!

This time he goes to a horse riding course with Jion! They put on pretty dresses and delicious cake is ready. Ilkook and the triplets participate in "Box 1 Race! Sarang and Sunghoon visit the twins' house!

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But suddenly a fierce chase happens? What has happened to Sarang and the twins? Jion and Taewoong have a photo shoot. It was very tough but how are the results? On the day of Donggook's soccer match, the five siblings visit their dad with the sign they made themselves!

The triplets have come to Gapyeong to enjoy a festival. They meet their favorite, dinosaurs, there. But suddenly a real dinosaur appears! Seoeon and Seojun transform into martial artists!

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They try learning manners and kicking and using nunchucks. Sarang has come to meet Girls' Generation! Sarang is very excited to meet them after a long time! Jion is off to meet the horse Louis which has a special relationship with Taewoong. She has fun receiving the love from Louis. Seola, Sua and Daebak are still in Jeongju! They enjoy red bean shaved ice and have fun playing in the water.

Daehan, Minguk and Manse are off to Busan, where it's full of Ilkook and his wife's memories. They enjoy swimming in the beach. Hwijae prepares a surprise for the twins.

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Sarang prepares a secret performance and opens a nail salon just for Girls' Generation. Jion and Taewoong visit a dance studio. Jion enjoys dancing to her aunt's song. Seola, Sua and Daebak go to a market! Donggook tries choosing clothes for his kids for the first time! But Seola and Sua seem to be more interested in toys.

Daehan, Minguk, and Manse are still in Busan!

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They try fishing at the ocean! Seoeon and Seojun are off to Mungyeong, their grandpa's hometown. They visit a watermelon farm! G-dragon is here at Sarang's house! He brought a whole bunch of presents for Sarang. Jion and Taewoong are at the traditional village.

They dress up in hanbok and try making rice cakes. Donggook and his five kids go on a picnic! Donggook has prepared a special bike for his kids. They have lunchbox and go sledding. The triplets visit a place to experience many types of jobs.

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They try being dentists and also being theatrical actors! The twins are still in Mungyeong. Hwijae challenges himself in paragliding to show his dad the beautiful scenery of Mungyeong.